Pittsboro is the county seat of Chatham County and was established in 1785.  It has a population of 3,743; however, the greater area surrounding Pittsboro has a population of approximately 6,500.  Pittsboro’s downtown area’s focal point is its courthouse, which stands tall and proud at the center of a traffic circle at the end of Main Street.  Pittsboro’s Main Street area is a mix of quaint antique shops, neighborhood eateries, small offices, small scale retail establishments, historic churches and buildings, making it a lively, walkable destination that draws visitors from the entire southeast region.  Residents of Pittsboro embrace small town values of respect for one another and a strong sense of community.  Its people are a diverse group of artists and farmers, merchants and students.

The area of Chatham County surrounding Pittsboro is comprised of several communities such as Fearrington Village, Governors Club (award winning golf course), Powell Place and Chapel Ridge (award winning golf course).

Jordan Lake, a beautiful 14,000 sq ft surface reservoir lake, provides hiking, boating and swimming opportunities.  The Haw River provides a natural beauty to the area along with beautiful water features and kayaking locations along the waterway.

Chatham is known for its clay and therefore the pottery artists in the area, as well as many other diverse artistic talents that are showcased every year in the Chatham Artists’ Tour.  You will see painters, jewelers, fabric and paper artists, and much more.  Organic farmers supplying the local farmers market, local co-ops and local restaurants are also part of the Chatham County locale.

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